The Dukan Diet for idiots. Day 3 of a modified eating plan. Or losing 30 pounds in 30
Days. Like most women I know I want to lose wight. In my case it’s closer to 50 pounds, but when you’ve once dropped 170 pounds, 50 doesn’t seem that daunting.
For me the catalyst was a trip to the hormone specialist coupled with the reading of the Dukan Diet by Dr. Pierre Dukan. He recommends a high protein diet (up to 7 days of NOTHING but protein). But unlike Atkins or South Beach, he has you eliminate the fat for a fast start.
So it’s day 3. I have a resolutions chart going (find a copy of as well as the $1.25 small white board I have beside my desk. I write out what I’ve eaten, and keep track of how I’m feeling.
I also make sure I have my supplements that balance out my mood, do the dry skin brushing (any health food store has a dry brush that you move lymph with) and drink enough water to eliminate toxins.
Finally, I make sure I have read something positive and healthy about weight loss to keep my head in the game when I am tempted. More at or Pictures to follow. Come on and join me, let’s be sexy by Halloween.