Bruce willis   Spring must be in the air. Harrison Ford that that perpetually skinny actress Calista Flockhart have decided to made it official, as hass Bruce Willis and his main squeeze, Victoria Secret model Emma Heming (listed on the list of the top 100 of the world's hottest women). Now long time bachelor and late night curmudgeon David Letterman has tied the knot after 10 years of dating. His long time partner 
Regina Lasko, the mother of his 5-year-old son, got hitched in a courthouse ceremony near their Montana ranch, Letterman announced during the taping of his CBS "Late Show" yesterday.

"Regina and I began dating in February of 1986, and I said, 'Well, things are going pretty good, let's just see what happens in about 10 years,'" joked Letterman.

“I had avoided getting married pretty good for, like, 23 years, and I — honestly, whether this happened or not — I secretly felt that men who were married admired me … like I was the last of the real gunslingers, you know what I'm saying?'" he said. Letterman

As I was doing some research for an article for an upcoming bridal show, it seems that men have a very push-pull attitude when it comes to taking the big plunge.  For many guys, the very thought of making a commitment to one woman for the rest of their lives is enough to send them sprinting for the hills. The dreaded "C-word" implies compromise, loss of independence, the sacrifice of sexual variety, and the looming specter of financial devastation if they've been divorced before.

Another cool sex and relationship survey – this time from my friends
at Rutgers University, men today are overwhelmingly apprehensive about getting married. A couple of the guys I pooled informally (okay I asked my brother, a few patients, and the male  dental hygienist at the dentist today), what would scare them about marriage. The honest ones spoke of the looming disappointment of sexual exclusivity and the loss of freedom. I've said it before, men are attracted at the most basic level to sexual newness. Sleeping with only one woman for life can be scary when presented with life's buffet of redhead's and brunette's. Getting past that fear of loss of independence, freedom, space and losing that schmorgesborg of sexual bounties (even if it is only in their heads) is scary. I've long thought as a marriage counselor, that many a relationship could be saved by having a marital "recess". A get-out-of-jail-free time when you could play for a month long trip with the boys, wild orgies, or solitude without hassle might stop many a guy from hedging when presented with the thought of matching left hand rings.

But there must still be something positive about the institution of marriage. If it can get a confirmed bachelor like Letterman to the alter, maybe there are more guys out there ready to take the plunge.,,

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