I’m hosting the most amazing women’s group on Saturday mornings. It’s been magic. (See below).
It’s around body image, sexuality, and weight. Most of us in the group could stand to lose a few pounds. You don’t have to remind us, we are all painfully obvious to the fact. We are trying to stay positive, support each other and be proactive. We are also trying to eliminate our negative thinking around food and weight. We are had a boudoir shoot to admire what the camera can see of our sexy selves. That’s mine of only a month ago featured above.
As a group we’ve been going on about self love. One of the slogans we are using is “Diets fail because feelings don’t disappear with a food plan”.
Can you relate?
We’ve been talking about all of the crazy, unhealthy and awful diets we’ve been on over the years. Here are some of them:
K was talking about the Optifast program where she had nothing but shakes for three months. The shakes are made with whey protein (and she like me is sensitive to dairy) and loaded with aspartame. There are lots of new information on how poisonous artificial sugars are and how they lead to weight gain.
I tried the Master Cleanse Diet. Where I drank water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for a week. I didn’t get out of the bathroom.
How about the grapefruit diet? The Zone? The Dukan? Or the Atkin diet where I started to smell like meat after awhile? We’ve been on Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Metabolism and the Mediterranean Diet to name just a few.
The worst ones are the low calorie (4-600 a day) that cause over 50% of women to develop gallstones one they go off the diet and re-introduce fat into their diets.
I’ve been reading about inflammation and the challenges it has for internal redness and heart conditions. I loved this article that offered up hope as to what you might eat to heal oneself.
Have a read.
It reminds me that slow and steady wins the race. And despite hearing about the successes of the HCG or the gastric bypass (which cause me to wonder if they have finally found the magic solution), I know that I need to be gentle and loving to my body and myself. It’s what I remind my group, and what I remind myself every time I look in the mirror. Love yourself too.
New Women’s group starting in 2014!
I hosted a great, connected women’s group in November that was magic. There was laugh-out-loud fun, tears, outstanding speakers, a competitive self care game that had us all losing weight, fantastic boudoir shots, and a number of great friendships made. We all found our Mojo. Check out my Christmas body image shot below from Here are the details for the next group:
Women, Body Image and Sexuality. A positive, supportive group for women looking for a change.
It’s one of the universal truths about women. We all don’t like our bodies. There is such a need to re-claim our bodies, start seeing our toes again, and feel sexy in the process that has me hosting a women-only 90 minute weekly group. We are intimate, proactive, and empowering. Think cutting edge information on hormones, weight, and nutrition. Groups often become greater than the sum of the individuals participating. Find out the latest news in kick-starting your sexuality and a chance to connect with cool other women that get it. Covered by most health insurance plans, this is the 2014 self care you need to participate in. Space is very limited for the next group. Send me an email now at
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