Cold2 I’ve heard of something new sexually that I hadn’t heard of before. I have a friend (yes, a friend), that tells of his difficulty in ejaculating when his body temperature is elevated. He can become like the energizer bunny thrusting away, and can get close, but the orgasm won’t trip if he is at all sweaty. He said he has been like this since he first started masturbating, and for obvious reasons keeps his house thermastat set very low at night. Without air conditioning, his summer nights would be frustrating. It happens everytime, for as long as he’s been sexual.  If he’s physically hot, he can get erect, and thrust forever, but can’t come. If I were his partner I would think about sabotaging the thermastat. Smile.

Having never experienced this or even read about it, I went searching to see if it was a unique phenomenon. Google had nothing. Only some sites related to getting pregnant, and resting body tempertaure for sperm production, and a mention of a high blood pressure medication raising your body temp, and causing delayed ejaculation.  So is my friend really unique?  Thinking there isn’t alot new in sex, I wonder what other quirks are out there?  Can’t come unless you scream like a banshee, hop up and down on one foot, or pluck your chest hairs? I’m going to make it my mission to ferret out new and interesting sexual mutations and bring them to the light of day. The longer I’m a sex therapist, the more I know that everyone has something. And finding out about other people’s sexual mutations may make yours seem all that much tamer. Cold

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