I’m having fun doing some fairly intensive study into the sexual benefits of certain supplements. That is, pop some African tree bark, or some obscure Brazilian berries and turn in to a raving nymphomaniac, or have the 4 hour hard on. Without the Viagra.

I’m suggesting that men with mediocre erections, and women who are ho hum about sex consider looking into the over the counter supplement Choline. Choline is related to acetylcholine (a mouthful I know), which is one of the important chemicals that helps increase blood flow to the genitals.  It’s inexpensive, and it works by directly by helping relax blood vessels involved in blood flow to those previously mentioned hard or squishy parts.  It’s sold in viatmin stores and the recomended dosage is between 500 and 750 mg, on an empty stomache.  It’s got a three hour window and you may feel increasingly warm and increased sensitivity where it counts within a few hours.

I’ve got a few patients on this, combined with Omega 3, and sometimes a bit of Catuba (Brazilian medicine that gives you stronger erections, and better orgasms), and I’m hearing about some pretty remarkable results.

FYI, and I’ll be posting some more stuff on herbs that make you hot and bothered on my site www.sexwithsue.com

One thought on “Choline – Not the stuff they dump in swimming pools.

  1. Hello Sue … you have a great site and have a regular outlook that is, I am certain, appreciated by your readers.
    You recently posted about EDS and the 5 major reasons for it. Of the 5 you listed, I have 2 (oh lucky me)… I have had type 1 diabetes for 39 years and I have been on 150mg Effexor for over a year (I am also on 300mg of Welbutrin but that has not nearly the effect as Effexor).
    Even with 39 years of hypo and hyperglycemia behind me and tens of thousands of insulin injections, I had no troble achieving erections.
    Almost as soon as the first Effexor was in me, the penis stopped responding. That was not a terrible problem as I was not in any way interested in anything sexual atthe time (actually I wasn’t interested in anything, period.)
    At my last appointment with my psychiatrist we talked about sexual response and he told me that once I am off of the antipepressants I will no longer have any problems with erections. But in the meantime … he gave a an Rx for Cialis. It works very well but is rather expensive. Also, it is another drug I have to put in my body and I have too many as it is. Aside from the mentioned antidepressants and insulin, I also take a hyper tension med (I don’t have hyper tension but it is becoming normal to give diabetics a program of this med) as well as an anticholesterol drug (again, I don’t have hig LDL but this is to prevent me going there (my last LDL was 2.16 so it is pretty damn good).
    Finally I get to my question. In this post you said you’ll be posting more info on herbs that have a sexual influence. Are there any herbs of natural substances that will make a penis erect the way Cialis or Viagra do?
    Thanks and sorry for making you read such a long post.

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