We celebrate obscure holidays in our house. I once made a ground hog cake and we all took turns crushing his little head the year Wyerton Willie, Ontario’s ground hog predicted over 6 more weeks of winter.
I also have an annual contest to determine the best Valentine’s gift.
It’s a day to celebrate your relationships. The day of the year when I say “you are way cool”. I get a homemade Hallmark complete with stick figures and reference to my boobs hanging to my knees and my trile trash origins.
I advocate giving for the pleasure of giving, without an expectation of anything in return. And whatever he does give you on V-day, even if it’s a plastic rose, show appreciation to invest in the relationship.
We try to have a sense of humor about the commercial aspects of Valentine’s Day. Make it fun. For example, spark a contest who can give each other the cheesiest Valentine’s present for under $10 and the winner gets a massage. February coincided with fotball playoffs (think halftime sex) and it can be a cold, blecky month. By making it fun it helps keep things interesting.