Following the next trend in infidelity. Wives and Mistresses, either suing each other or teaming up., There is a toast made famous by an admiral in the British navy that goes: "To our wives and mistresses, may they never meet."  That line has never been more relevant.  Whether Tiger Woods, or Matt from The Today Show, having a mistress seems like all the rage. Just like owning a…


Wondering About Cougars

Wondering about Cougars. I'm reading about the new series "Cougar Town" with Courtney Cox. I'm thinking she's not like any cougars I see out and about. Most of those look more like 50 year old women who take no prisoners. So when is a cougar a cougar?

The car is back after hitting the deer! It looks fabulous! Raymond, the most amazing, least expensive body guy in the city. Raymond's Body Shop Gladstone and Bronson. I'm putting him on speed dial.

Remember when you were a kid and you bounced when you were flung over the handlebars of your bike? I don't bounce anymore. Given the transportation challenges I'm having, I think I'll be walking anywhere the rest of the week.

Wondering about butt implants. Have you been following this? Apparently Sophie Turner, an Autralian model/lawyer wants the title of the world's best booty. She claims that Kim Kardashian (this year's Paris Hilton – famous for being famous) has butt implants. Who knew you could do that? Can I get one? (kidding…) Check her out to…