Stripper Porn is hotter than usual these days.  With the new book by the vivid girls on how to be a XXX movie star, porn seems to be the new mainstream, with references popping up in everything from the grammy’s to Calvin Klein ads.  An industry under flux, porn is going through a transformation from the cheesy Dirk Diggler types portrayed in Boogie Nights, to grudging respectability as only a billion dollars can do. Have you tried one of the sensual dancing classes on how to strip for your partner?  Well I thought I would give it a whirl, and find out what all the buzz was about.  I’ll keep you posted…  I’ve interviewed Mary Taylor author of bedroom gamesmary’s teach you to dance site – she’s an ex stripper with 20 years experience who speaks on keeping it hot, and has written the book on embracing your inner stripper. Spanking

What I try to teach women is to find out where they are on the continuum from prudish to harlot finding a way to spice things up, while being authentic to their own sexuality.  It’s trying to find the line in the sand between the whore in the bedroom, Mom in the livingroom, and Wonderwoman everywhere else. I’m trying to be a spin mama making friends with your dust bunnies, and with keeping it hot being the thing I speak to women’s groups all over the continent about, it’s obviously something more than just me struggles with.

I just want to cast my vote to say that I think there may be nothing sexier than ordinary guys learning to strip. Just for the record, it’s what I want for my 40th birthday. The Full Monty sexy british movie that made me laugh and made me hot , and if I learn to dance anywhere near as well as those guys, I’ll consider my strip classes a huge success.More_male_strippers

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