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I can't count how many times in my career some guy has spoken to me about increasing his penis size. It is by far, the most common question I get asked by men. Way more than the lasting longer and erection help that round out the top three questions.  Most women roll their eyes at the obsession, but we do help perpetuated the myth. I have far more guys came and see me with the problem of being too big, rather than too small. Women who have been hurt by a well endowed guy, won't sleep with you if you are too hung. And you know that women talk to each other.

Average length, with slightly extra thickness is considered the perfect size by all the women in the know. Women's magazines (including Cosmo), therapists, and talk show hosts all discuss perfection, and looking like a tree trunk isn't it.  Most guys don't get an accurate assessment of their own equipment. They only compare it to other guys in the locker room, on porn sites (those guys are mutants, and often take steroids or growth hormones as teens to get that size) or by looking at the next guy at the urinals.  I've pasted the wikipedia instructions below.

If you are less than five inches ERECT from base to tip, then have a look at my penis size download at www.sexwithsue.com. It's all the hints, tips, facts, and insights I've collected over the 17 years I've been a therapist.

But before I sound too self righteous, about men and their equipment I need to have a quick word on why I would consider spending more  than $100 on the new water bra. And I hate bras.

I can't tell you how many women I know who are considering getting their boobs enhanced. I may not want to be bigger, but I am certainly vain enough to want to defy years of pregnancy, nursing, and gravity. Men it seems, are fascinated by women's breasts. Women are fascinated that men are so fascinated. Sacks of little more than fat and milk ducts, you can garner the attention of a roomfull of men if they are displayed properly. I witnessed the mammary power at the gym last week. A healthy, but average looking woman was working out braless in a cold room. I thought one of the guys was going to drop the set of weights on his own foot. Sigh. As women we can be really mean.


To get the most accurate measurements for an individual's penis size, it has been recommended that several measurements be taken at different times, preferably with different erections on different days. The measurements are then to be averaged together. This is to account for what may be natural variability in size due to factors such as arousal level, time of day, room temperature, frequency of sexual activity, and unreliability of the measurement methods.[2][3]


The length can be measured with the subject standing and the penis held parallel to the floor. The penis is measured along the top, from the base to the tip. Results are inaccurate if the measurement is taken along the underside of the penis, or if the subject is seated or prone.[2]


Penis girth is the measurement of the circumference of the completely erect penis. It is variously quoted as an average of three measurements: just below the glans penis, in the middle of the shaft, and at the base.[2]


A penis must be completely erect in order to obtain an accurate measurement. This may be difficult to achieve in a clinical setting. At least one Brazilian doctor resorted to injecting penises with drugs to induce erection, which gave more consistent results.[4] Some clinicians measure the penis by stretching the flaccid penis as far as comfortably possible.[5] Self-reported measurements tend to be unreliable because men often want to report a larger penis size.[citation needed]

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