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Bill   I was reading about Bill Clinton's chest pains and emergency surgery today. More clogged arteries, and high cholesterol levels. Too much of that southern deep fried food. As a sex therapist I see so many patients who are struggling with erection problems as it relates to those blocked, small blood vessels in the penis.

The top issues related to erectile dysfunction are (in order based on my patients) are:

1. Diabetes, 2. blocked arteries (cholesterol), 3.anti-depressants side effects, 4.high blood pressure medication, 5.smoking and drinking, 6.prostate problems

I see men as young as low 30's with these problems. Good medical care, stating to try and de-clog those pipes, and a Viagra prescription may get Bill back in the romance business. However, there are a number of new herbal products that I would be recommending to Bill if he was my patient. Despite the offer, they never hired me to treat his sex addiction, but i have a plan to get him back in the saddle.

He needs to be on a combination of vitamin E, low dose aspirin, yohimbine, CLA, thrust and Maga (herbal viagra), along with a small amount of Cialis before intercourse. The Yohimbine and Thrust will increase the nitric oxide levels in his blood stream, and the combination of Vitamin E and aspirin will help clean out the gunk. Clinton may not read this, but would do well to consult a sex therapist to keep the legendary Clinton romance skills in play. 

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