Beauty_and_the_geek I watch less than an hour a week of television, and instead I usually have my nose in a book for my mindless entertainment. But I have a fascination with human relationship drama, and got caught up watching the first episode of that Beauty and the Geek show. This is the show where they have a bunch of MIT and Harvard top science grads, who, are more than a little socially awkward and a bunch of beautiful women undergoing challenges.  For the guys, think pocket protectors and clashing plaid shirts. Then there is the guy in the star Trek uniform….But earnest, sweet, and genuinely looking for self improvement.  They are then matched with a bunch of airhead Hooters waitresses, Playboy bunnies, and WWF ringside girls, who prove to be more than a little brainless. It’s every stereotype you’ve ever thought about these two groups.

As offended as I was by the whole thing, I couldn’t seem to stop watching it.  These guys just want to be Bill Gates (and then the girls will come in droves), and the girls seem to just want to have fun. They also want the $250,000 for winning. My money is on the guys. You can teach social skills, but how to you teach intellectual smarts? What I found particularly interesting is how the age old dance of boy/girl happens even if the women are totally, totally, not interested in the guys.  If these girls were smart, they might just take a second look at their geeks. I know I would if I were in the same position.

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