This week on Love and Lipstick

As you can see, I’m still trying to figure out the posting on the blog. I promised to update you as to what we were covering on the Love and Lipstick showon EZ Rock this week. I don’t know about you, but it’s all about geting over the January blah’s. Looking for date nights, fun…


My fascination with reptiles

I was talking to a friend about my fascination with reptiles. She wanted to know “was it the two legged or four legged kind?” Meaning many partners can display reptilian behaviour (you may have had a snake in your past), but I am talking about the ones they keep at zoos. Dinosaurs among us. Does…


Happy Person's Day!

Happy Person's Day! I met the new Governor General David Johnston at Rideau Hall this morning. He was funny and sweet. Five pioneering women celebrated, and five more memorialized for recognizing women as people. And the hors D'oeuvres were yummy!

Squirrels in the morning

Just the squirrels and I awake this morning. They really are the perfect pets. After a summer of feeding them, they scratch at the sliding door, and come into the house and sit on the matt to get their peanut. No mess, head back outside, entertain me and I never have to worry about petsitters.