I sometimes wonder if anyone else has these surreal conversations. I assume they do, as I think of myself as an ordinary girl with a cool job, and a mind that’s just open to possibilities. It just opens to sex more often than not.

Here’s the scenario:

I’m standing around watching a kids football game today, having a Cleaver moment as we cheered, ate apples, and watched the smalled kids jump in the leaves. And encouraged the kids to tackle their opponents.

A conversation was struck with a much younger Mother about football bleachers and what you could do under them. I didn’t know her well, but she had grown up listening to me on radio, and felt safe telling me about her experiences playing deep throat left of the 50 yard line as a teenager.  It was a light, but very open conversation on the sidelines.  Truth about how much women really do talk about sex. Anywhere and everywhere, at least to me. She spoke of something called her "Mad slut personality", and how sucking cock made her feel important when she was in High School. She said she missed the power.  Talk about really bringing someone to his knees.

So I went home thinking about the benefits of giving oral sex.  For teenagers, it’s not a bad deal. Anybody having who’ll have sex with a teenaged boy is a gift from God.  Benefits of giving head could be summed up as;  little face to face contact, no pain or intrusion of intercourse, no possibilities of pregnancy (despite the rumours), little chance of diseases, and the status of a hot babe if you are so generous in your favours. Not that I’m suggesting you run out and try this behind the bleechers, (unless you want to re-live your mis-spent youth, and have a good chance of not being caught),  but like a stand up comic I heard recently said if you occasionally partake.  "You are part of the solution, you’ve made the world a better place, and no one ever complained about being stressed out because they were getting too many blowjobs." 

oh, and the joke I heard about it. "Don’t blink, I heard it stings."  Think about it.Football

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