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I heard a story about a woman who was having a boob job from the book the breastfeeding diaries by Kate Davies. I can’t verify if this is true, but it made me think, and I thought it was hilarious. I know that getting a breast enhancement isn’t a unique event given the amount of silicone you see bobbing around, and this story is an important safety tip if you are thinking about doing more than one procedure at the same time. And while I’m on the subject of silicone breasts, can someone tell me why do fake boobs sound different? If you’ve been in enough hot tubs or locker rooms as I have, you see some great augmentations, and some seriously hacked up tits. But surgically altered boobs  make a different sound when jostled, and never seem to hang the way that other breasts that haven’t gone under the knife seem to do.

Angelina Anyway, the story I heard was that this woman decided to use some of the fat from her boob job to be inserted into her lips, so she could have the fuller, poutier Angelina-like mouth. A few years later, this woman got pregnant, and the cellular memory from her breast tissue became engorged and puffed up her already puffy lips to the point of ridicule. The oxytocin – one of the pregnancy hormones that affects breast tissue, impacted that tissue, even if it moved a little further north. The moral of the story is to take the fat from your belly or ass if injecting it into your lips. I’m looking to find the science of this, but either way the possibilities amused me.

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