A new type of dating website for the rich and beautiful
I just read about this and wanted to pass it along…
nline dating sites compete for only 10% market share with a steady decline of subscription revenue due to a short shelf life thereby aggressively chasing the same customers. Janis Spindel bucks that trend.
In a bold move, high end and six figure upfront retainer fee Matchmaker opens the doors to the mass market previously only accessible to the rich and exclusive.
Launching her new online matchmaking site on November 24th, 2011, Spindel offers a free online dating platform with no credit card required to search and contact other members.
She also retains her 20 year successful model of her high end matchmaking platform where members must go through a series of background checks and video profile approvals.
Spindel herself makes the final judgement to allow or decline membership for this exclusive and expensive top tier site.
Spindel feels that not only can she capture a portion of that 10% market share that other online dating sites are competing for, she can also expand to the other 90% of the untapped population.
Her online matchmaking site, www.2lovetoday.com is interactive and rewards those who participate by offering free matches not normally found with other dating sites.
Janis Spindel, America’s top Matchmaker, is blending online dating with traditional Matchmaking all with one click, not to mention a mobile GPS app for the spontaneous member.