Older12 I want to be old and still very sexy. I was presenting yesterday at the annual Stroke Survivors on Sex after Stroke about what you can do to keep it hot after you experience a stroke, and options for sexual functioning if you are differently abled. I also sang the song I made up about why you should keep boffing. "I had a stroke, I was a drag, but now I’m feeling aroused and frisky."… is the first line.  I sing badly, know only one cord on my tiny-out-of-tune guitar, but speaking is about making the audience smile, and everyone seems to like my made up songs.

Anyway, I had two couples talk to me among a bunch of occupational therapists after the presentation.  One was there after being married a month ago and had camped across the Province wearing out their new air mattresses. He had had a stroke a number of years ago, and this couple were both in their pensionable years. The other story was about an even more senior couple who thanked me for making them feel like their sex life was still normal.  They had gone from sex twice a week, to sex only once a week after her stroke. She then privately asked me a few questions about sex toys. I couldn’t stop grinning. It is something I aspire to doing, being old and still very sexually active, and here was my role model among many I met yesterday. She was still having a marvelous life with her husband, and thought it was the coolest thing I had heard in a while. I want to be like her. Doing it, until they take me away in a box. Amen.

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