I did a show this past week on great marriages. I interviewed many couples who had been married for over 50 years and asked their secret.
Hot sex was certainly one of them. Joint finances, not trying to change the other person, and sexy date nights. I had a 84 year old woman ask me about orgasms and Viagra during the conversation. Yeah! Ho sex until I’m 90 is on my agenda.
1. Tell your partner that you appreciate them. The relationship between husband and wife trumps everything else in a marriage. Get it right and good things follow. Get it wrong and lots of bad things often happen!
2. Make a concerted effort to keep the flame of your love affair alive with each other everyday.
3. Have an identity outside of the relationship. When you come back together there is more to discuss and it sparks conversation.
4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, schedule date nights…Weekly if possible.
5. Problem solving -not blaming
6. Common identity is critical. Find something you do together and keep it going. Don’t grow apart.
7. Keeping it hot is about time for intimacy and trying new things outside of your comfort zone. Successful marriage is an accumulation of having done the simple things each day