When people tell me that menopause is normal and healthy I disagree. Sure it’s “normal” but we have the technology for SAFE, effective hormones that trick your system into thinking you are 25. And you have the looks, heath, happiness, and sex drive to go with it.
In nature if you can no longer reproduce you are killed off quiickly. You put on weight, become slower, your eyesight and hearing goes, you fall more often and become the slowest gazelle in the pack. And National Geographic tells us in living colour what happens to the slowest gazelle.
You can be abundantly healthy, sexy and vibrant. Consider taking some bio-identical hormones and going on a libido diet. I speak to 50 women a week in my show and practice and I am convinced that you can feel, look and be sexy as you age. If you are really struggling, send me an email and I can help.