It’s described as the definitive new book about sex after 60.
“Unblinkingly honest and painstakingly researched, Naked at Our Age spares no detail in addressing the challenges and joys of pursuing love and sex late in life.”
I liked this book as a model for sex once you are eligible for a senior’s discount. What I liked about it was practical tips coupled with quotes and examples from real people. If you have a new partner later in life this is the book to read. Where else can you find practical suggestions for sex after a hip replacement? Or the latest in lube and sex toys to benefit cancer patients?
When I was going through puberty my mom would leave me books and pamphlets about the changes going on in my body. Now I’m bringing her out book on hot sex after 70.I am going to suggest that her book club read this selection.
I love how sex evolves and changes. In Price’s book Naked at our Age she gives suggestions from her interviews.
As Sandy says…
“My husband starts setting up one and six hours before we get intimate. He knows that I take a long time to get aroused, so he will rent a porn DVD or find a porn website for me to watch. While I watch he can start on the oral sex…” Candid, refreshing and with specifics about how to make sex better. A great Father’s Day gift for the newly single dad if you’re brave enough.