Love and Lipstick airs a couple of times a week (Sunday and Monday evenings) on EZ Rock (99.7 fm). We love getting questions and you get prizes if you partcipate!
Send me an email to, or call at 613-750-0997. I’m of the belief that relationship, intimacy, love and work/family balance issues are what’s on every woman’s mind. Here’s how I describe Love and Lipstick:
My show, Love and Lipstick, is the evening relationship show that I describe as romance with a sassy edge. This is for women who appreciate a glass of wine, and for whom dust bunnies are part of the family. We won’t be talking about scrapbooking- more about love, lust, lipstick, marriage coaching, why hockey players are sexy, menopause, and who gets the wet spot. It’s the mysteries of relationships, being single again, great loves, dealing with our adolescents and aging parents, and how to flirt with lots of laughs and loads of cheek. It’s about why kindness matters, along with great mood music, guest experts, new media and interactive texting, and comedians commenting on relationships. Above all it is keeping it local with that over riding sense of community. Taking calls from women about what’s going on in their bedrooms, boardrooms, and any other room in their lives is what will make the connections authentic. The quality of our lives is in the quality of our relationships. Love and Lipstick is what I describe as “chewy”. Real women, complete with stretch marks, talking to each other.