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So in case you were wondering what to do tomorrow, it's International Swingers Day, the day for engaging in your run-of-the-mill-Roman or other type orgy. Which means you should invite some friends over, pull out the Oh my Pina Colada lube(oooh it's good), and frolic naked together under the full moon (conveniently arranged for tomorrow). If you don't have like minded friends who are sane and open to sharing latexed body fluids, try having a look at kijiji or Craig's list and join a party already in play. They have a site www.internationalswingersday.com, that have been counting down this day for over a year, and offer up a list of attractions. Crazy huh? 

What does this mean to the average person who only sees swinging activities on late night HBO documentaries? Is it the world going to Hell in a handbasket? In my opinion, it  is another inclination of how mainstream alternative sexualities are getting. No longer relegated to the backrooms of sleezy clubs, there are parties where sex is a normal adult play activity  that break out amidst the cocktail wienies and work discussion. And these parties are happening  in a neighborhood near you (if the personal ads are to be believed). I'm planning on having a quiet day with my sweetie (and it's also one of my best friend's birthday - and you are wearing it well Sharon…), but I wanted to acknowledge it if you are looking for an excuse to celebrate a national day that you can really sink your teeth (or other protruding parts) into. Enjoy.Swing1

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